Three Simple Things to Kill That ‘F#ck It” Attitude and Stay Motivated

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As we look back on the year that was 2020, its so easy to just say ‘F#ck It’ when it comes to your Fitness and Nutrition. Everyone has used at one point or another ‘Oh I’ll start again on Monday’ or ‘I’m just so busy at this time of year’ or my personal favourite ‘This year has been a write off, New Year New Me’.

No matter what the Excuse is it’s still not good enough. Everyone is tired, stressed and time poor, but there is always time to make your health a priority. We only get one life and one chance in this world so why not make sure you’re making the best out of it.

This got me thinking about three things we could work on at this time of year that could help us with our Health & Fitness. Our Stress Levels, Sleep and Water intake. Focusing on these 3 things will not add that much extra time in your day. They are simple but effective tools to have in your toolbelt when it comes to really taking care of yourself.


Stress doesn’t just put you in an overwhelmed mood, it affects your hormones in a way that effects your cravings especially for high sugar sweets. To add insult to injury stress causes your body to release excess cortisol, which can lead to weight gain, especially in the belly region. People who are stressed seem to be drawn to certain types of food high in calories, fat, sugar or all three.

But there is good news I’ve got a few things you can do to Crush those stress levels.

Don’t wait to deal with the effects of stress – PLAN AHEAD FOR IT.

Include stress management Techniques in your everyday life. For example go for a walk outside, meditate, write a journal or spend 5-10 minutes doing something you love.

Include 5-10 minutes deep breathing techniques to help activate your bodies relaxation response.

Be Aware that your Stress will trigger Bad Cravings, recognize them and do your best to direct yourself toward healthier choices.

#2 – SLEEP

Make sure you get 7-9 hours of quality sleep every night. Yes, I know this is a piece of advice you have probably heard a lot, but that’s for a good reason. Getting enough quality sleep can have a tremendous impact on your overall health, energy and well-being. Poor sleep can be one of the top causes for your Nutrition being really Bad.

That’s because your appetite is affected by hormones – Leptin and Ghrelin – that go up and down over the course of each 24 Hour period and being sleep deprived disrupts those fluctuations, which affect not just your appetite and cravings but also your metabolism.

But there are a few key elements you can control to level out those hormones.

Do your best to get 7-8 hours of quality sleep each night.

Use a sleep tracker or other device like Fitbit, Apple Watch or Whoop to monitor how much sleep you are getting each night and how restful that sleep actually is.

Try to avoid any screen time 30 minutes before bed. This includes Phones, Tv or tablets, this will help your brain relax and unwind before going to bed which means a better deeper sleep quicker.

If you don’t get enough sleep the night before and feel cravings coming on make sure you acknowledge them and prepare your diet accordingly to avoid making those nutrition mistakes.

#3 – Hydration

Surprise Surprise!! Yet another thing you have been told a thousand times, Make sure your getting enough water everyday. You need to be drinking at least 3 Litres (Male) and 2.5lites (Female) a day. Staying Well hydrated can help ward off cravings. When your body is thirsty you can interpret that feeling as hunger, which can spark a craving.

Staying hydrated throughout the day can help keep your body’s thirst signals on track and in check as well as keep you feeling full. Studies have also shown that drinking cold water can help Rev up your body’s fat burn by between 10-30% for about an hour after drinking it. Try these things to get your water intake in.

Track your water intake each day and make sure you are getting at LEAST 3 litres for males and 2.5litres for females.

Try buying a bottle that can hold around half of your daily water intake, that way you know all you have to do is drink two bottles a day. This is a lot easier than drinking out of smaller bottles or even glasses because you have to add up a lot of different ml’s to make sure you are drinking enough.

If you feel a craving coming on drink a glass of cold water and wait a few minutes to see if the craving goes away.


Always remember that your health is an Asset not an Expense.

If you invest in your health, it will lead to you performing so much greater in every role you have in life.

Invest in Yourself, Into a Gym, Personal Training and or Nutrition Coach. If you don’t there’s a good chance you’ll end up using your money for a Doctor or Pharmacist.

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