Our Mission

Our CrossFit Mission

After 12 years as a Construction Business owner, I realised that my drive and passion was leading me in a completely different direction. Which led me to pursue my dream of Being a CrossFit Box owner.

When I opened CrossFit Revenant in May in 2019, my mission was simple: to build the biggest, most equipped and cleanest CrossFit Box that anybody had ever seen.

As we evolved, my mission was adopted by a team, and became more complex. We wanted to introduce real health fitness to the Northern Suburbs of Perth. We wanted to create a new Genre of CrossFit. We wanted to stomp out the myths around CrossFit Culture, fat loss, performance and health. Our mission was hard to put in words at the beginning. But an amazing business mentor Chris Cooper put it like this:

“If you care about somebody, you have to care about their health. And if you care about their health, you have to care about the community around them.”

So we started building a supportive likeminded community full of people that cared not only about their own goals but the Goals of the people around them. In building this community our Mission for CrossFit Revenant became very clear.

CrossFit Revenants Mission:

“To change 1000 Perth people’s lives by improving their health and well-being through Fitness, Nutrition and the support of the Revenant Community. We will educate, support and motivate our community”

I started coaching CrossFit as something fun to do in my spare time, but that quickly changed when I could see the impact I was having over my athletes. A Hobby transformed into a passion and drive to help as many people as a could.

When I opened my own gym, I chose the name Revenant, which means:

“A person who has returned, especially supposedly from the dead.”

At the time it seemed very fitting for my gym, given what we are trying to achieve. We want to take people who are unhealthy and overweight, who are surely headed to an early grave and we want to educate them about the importance of good health, fitness and nutrition which intern would turn their life around bringing them back from severe health complication or in the worst cases an early Grave.

We want to bring as many people as we can “Back from an Early Death”

If you cut out processed carbs and sugar, and start doing squats, deadlifts and presses, you’ll live longer. But you’ll also live better. You’ll stay independent to an older age. You’ll have strength and mobility and the will to live right up until the end–you’ll practically be your own pallbearer.

You’ll be younger for longer. And while you’re young, you’ll do more things.

You’ll want to move daily. You’ll play more sport. You’ll ride your bike 100km to raise money for people who won’t. You’ll do a Triathlon just to see if you can. You’ll get down on the floor with the kids, up on your feet to dance, and over the walls of diabetes and depression. You will go, you will see, and you will conquer. You will live a larger life.

You’ve heard our Mission!

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Josh Halvorson

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