Member Series 001 – Featuring Eugene Van Der Westhuizen

Perth CrossFit Member Series 001 - Featuring Eugene Van Der Westhuizen-min

Up first in our Member Series is the amazing Eugene Van Der Westhuizen. You can find him in most evening classes taking on the young guns and showing them how its done.

What better way to get to know our amazing members than in their own words!

“I have always enjoyed sport and particularly running marathons and ultra-marathons. But almost 4 years ago I decided I wanted more from my fitness and at first thought CrossFit was beyond my capability.

When I started, I thought I was fit regularly running and going to the gym BUT that rapidly changed when CrossFit exposed my many mobility and strength weaknesses. With the support from the CrossFit community that changed quickly. Something I have never experienced in another sport, where others actually contribute, support, encourage and want you to be your best (even when you think you are dying :-).

Improving my mobility over time was a big win and then ticking things of my bucket list. The first time I did a bar muscle up I was over the moon. I still need lots of work here and the aim is to string at least a few together one day.

I am working on my overall fitness and building my ‘engine’ with RevFit, which has helped me a lot. I also want to improve my OLY skills to lift heavier.

Every day is a good memory, when you walk in there and see like-minded people all happy friendly and supportive, it lights up my day and gives me a sense of belonging. It’s a privilege to be amongst such an awesome group of people and coaches who are always there to help and support.”

Thank You so much for your kind word Eugene you are an amazing part of the CrossFit Revenant Community.

CrossFit Revenant Member Eugene Van Der Westhuizen-min

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