5 Things to Consider Before You Join a CrossFit Box

How to choose a crossfit gym

Joining a gym is a very overwhelming thing to do!

Your already feeling self-conscious and trying to get out of your comfort zone, trying to better yourself and you’re probably wondering ‘Is this gym really for me’ or ‘Do I really fit in here’. Then you have got a whole pile of already fit individuals in your crossfit class throwing weight around like its nothing, sweaty/shirtless and you’re already thinking about trying to find the door so you can back out before anyone sees you.

Trust me when I say we have all been there!!

But speaking from experience I need to tell you the most important thing when looking to join a CrossFit Gym, DON’T just sign up at the first gym you walk into. Every CrossFit Box is completely different from the other so choosing one will take time. You have to look at a few things when you are considering joining a CrossFit Box and for a Beginner it is very hard, so I’ve decided to make it a lot easier for you. Here’s a few things you should consider when joining a NEW Box:

#1 – First Appearance

When you first walk in the door take a look around and see what they have to offer. Do they have a nice reception area? Do they have someone behind reception to welcome you in? Are things Neat & tidy? Are the floors clean? Is it well lit? Is it clear where I’m supposed to walk, leave my bag and where the restrooms are? In other words how comfortable and inviting is the space?

#2 – Community

Every Community is different so be sure to check the vibe of the community and get a feel of the culture. When you first walk in, are people welcoming and say hi? Are the people interested in getting to know you? Are they encouraging? Is the overall vibe upbeat and full of smile and laughter?

#3 – Equipment

There are two things to look at when it comes to equipment. Is there enough? And, is it well organized? If a gym has spent time to make sure their layout of equipment is easy to follow then they have taken pride in there gym which means they take pride in the product they are producing. Making sure they have enough equipment and a wide variety of different equipment is essential because you want to make sure you are going to have a great class experience filled with constantly varied movements not just the same old boring rower or Air Bike.

#4 – Cleanliness

While I don’t expect a CrossFit gym to be in pristine condition there are a few things that you should have a look at to ensure that the Gym you are choosing keeps a high cleanliness standard. The first thing you should check is there bathrooms, are the toilets and showers clean? Do they have extra amenities in there like hand wash, sanitizer, body wash and deodorants? Believe you me there is a lot that can be learnt about a Gym and its Owner by how clean they keep their toilets.

Next look at their Olympic Bars, dumbbells, Kettlebells, Rig and Floors for Chalk (or blood) remnants. If there is chalk all over these items, they probably aren’t the cleanest of gyms, which probably means they don’t really care about their Product they are putting out there on the Market.

Lastly, this is my Personal pet hate (no pun intended), check for dog hair on the floors. Now I’m a dog lover but I just don’t think they belong in Gyms, the last thing you want to do is Burpee on the gym floor and come up with a shirt full of dog hair or even worse a mouth full of dog hair.

#5 – Class Structure

Make sure the gym has one. Every CrossFit is Different, but having a regular class structure that allows for some expectations and flow of events is hugely helpful for the learning process and for a cohesive community. In Addition, check to see what other specialty classes they have on offer to make sure you are getting a wide array of options to help you reach your goals.

Lastly make sure the Coaches of these Structured classes are there to Coach and teach not only seasoned CrossFitters but also NEW beginner one like yourself. You want the gym to have knowledgeable coaches that focus on technique first before dialling up the Load and Intensity. And I can’t stress this enough make sure the Coaches actually coach not just Cheerlead with a ‘Let’s Go Guys’ or a ‘You can Do It’ every now and again, those kind of coaches are just there for the FREE membership and don’t really care if you hurt yourself.

I hope this Helped you a lot with ‘Choosing the Right CrossFit Box’ and remember that at CrossFit Revenant we pride ourselves on giving OUR Members the best Experience we Possibly can. That’s why we call ourselves a ‘Member Experience Gym’.

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