Find Your Why !!!

Find Your Why

Everybody Relies on Motivation in their everyday life to get things done. The problem with this is that Motivation in UNREALIABLE!!

Motivation is there on a Monday Morning when your starting that NEW Diet or NEW Fitness Routine, But Where is that Motivation after a week of Stressful Work, or when your Craving that Chocolate bar late on a Saturday Night after eating good all week? ANSWER IS – GONE!!

There is one SURE FIRE WAY of making sure you always stay on that Grind whether Motivation is there or NOT. And that’s to FIND YOUR WHY!!

Your WHY is at the Heart of your reason for wanting to achieve Something. Now this could be as simple as “I want to focus on my Nutrition so I can fit in that amazing Christmas dress” but we have found that the deeper the meaning behind your WHY, the more you will Hustle to achieve your goal when times get tough.

For example my WHY for wanting to get back into shape and compete at the Highest Level I possibly can in the Busselton Ironman 70.3 so I Can be a Fitter Healthier Dad for my amazing Twins. Now when Times get tough over the next 6 months and the training is beating me down all I have to think of is my WHY? WHY am I Doing this? FOR MY KIDS!!

This is what Beats Motivation that comes and goes Any Day of the Week!!

Now I Challenge you to FIND YOUR WHY??? Trust me it will be easier than you think!!

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