This is Why Culture Matters

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Have you ever just had one of those moments where you sit back and think WOW!

I had one of these recently.

I Know when we opened CrossFit Revenant the plan was to create the best Community in CrossFit, with members that have their own fitness goals, but also care about every other member and their goals.

We can preach our Mission & Values until we are blue in the face, but they don’t actually mean anything until they are shown through your members. It’s Called CULTURE.

I was coaching RevFit on a Tuesday afternoon at our CrossFit Box in Wangara recently and witnessed something absolutely amazing!! The workout involved a 200m Sandbag Run Buy IN and Buy Out, which needless to say is no easy task. Most of the Class had finished the workout but there was one still going, lets call her Wonder Woman!

Wonder Woman had decided at the beginning of her workout to go heavier than she normally would with some Dumbbell Clean & Jerks. You could tell by the end of the workout this was really taxing on her body and she wasn’t moving as fast as she normally would. When she went out on her last Sandbag run I was amazed at what happened next!

The whole class of 18 followed her out the drive way Cheering her on at the top of their lunges. Two of our amazing members ran with her the whole way encouraging her. When she came up the driveway for her last 50 Meters the whole class was at the door cheering her on until she ran through and smiled from ear to ear. The Look on Wonder Woman’s face was something that will stay with me forever, even though she had just completed a tough workout she was all smiles and thankyous for every single person that was helping cheer her on so she could complete the workout.

I sat back and took in what had just happened as all our members High Fived and were fist bumping each other! We Had done It!!

We have the Best community in CrossFit!

We have the Best Culture!!

And more importantly our core Mission & Values are being absorbed by our AMAZING MEMBERS!!!



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